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I've helped thousands of people to make smarter choices and level up their life, work and leadership by being more strategic about the choices they make and how they implement change.

I don't like doing things the usual way. I've been forging my own path in the world since I was just a kid - scheming my way out of foster care and into university as a teen parent. I've always been frustrated by the pace of change and progress,  especially when I know there's a better way.

I've spent my career helping people to find that better way. First, as a policy analyst and strategic planner for government. Then, as a management consultant travelling across New Zealand and Australia to work with public and private sector leadership teams. I've always specialised in the tricky stuff - organisational strategy, long-term planning, controversial decisions and failed projects.

I've worked with some of New Zealand and Australia's most senior leaders. Here, I'm teaching the skills I wish my clients had been taught earlier - strategy, decision-making, and leadership.

Important note: No-one should be denied the opportunity to learn. We've priced our courses to make that a reality - but if you're really struggling, please reach out and we will help.



Every course adheres to a set of key principles. We have strict quality control, to make sure you can access:
  • Active learning methodologies
  • Individual application and reflection
  • Plain English explanations
  • Best-practice tools and frameworks.
We'll be updating this section soon with more in-depth information about how we help you learn - and why it's streets ahead of everything else that's out there. Stay tuned!
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  • BA - Political Science; Media and Communication, University of Canterbury
  • BA (Hons) - Politics, Massey University
  • Investment Logic Certified Facilitator,  Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance, Australia
  • Better Business Cases Practitioner, APMG International
  • Managing Benefits Practitioner, APMG International
  • Leadership Versatility Index Certified Assessor, Kaiser Solutions
  • IAP2 Certified, International Association of Public Participation
  • Black Belt, Thought Leaders Business School
  • Business Change and Policy, All of Government Registered Supplier, New Zealand
  • Author of From Strategy to Action: A Guide to Getting Sh*t Done in the Public Sector (2019)
  • Author of You Don't Need An MBA: Leadership Lessons that Cut Through the Crap (Major St Publishing; 2021)


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