Nail Your Strategic Plan

It's time for less planning... and more strategy!
  • FOR: Everyone
  • LEVEL: Intermediate
  • STUDY TIME: 5 hrs
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Course overview
A step by step guide to nailing your best strategic plan yet - packed with useful tips, tools and templates to get you going.

By the end of this course, you'll have a complete strategic plan, to make smart decisions about your organisation's future.
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Nail your best strategic plan yet

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Become a strategy expert

Learn how strategic planning really works - and what most people get wrong. Alicia McKay's famous Strategy 101 gives you the equivalent of a strategy MBA - in just 4 minutes! 
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Get ready for action

Most strategic planning focuses on the output - big mistake! NYSP focuses on the process - and the steps to take for building commitment and creating your future.

What's included?

  • Step by step videos
  • NYSP Facilitator Guide
  • Workshop plans
  • Strategic plan examples

Strategy templates

Don't wing it when it comes to your strategic plan - take a look at best-practice examples, and build your own plan to suit.

Workshop exercises

A comprehensive guide to best-practice strategic planning exercises and tools, sourced directly from Alicia McKay's facilitation toolkit.
Meet the instructor

Alicia McKay

Alicia McKay is an expert in strategy and change. New Zealand's leading facilitator and author of 'From Strategy to Action: A Guide to Getting Shit Done in The Public Sector', Alicia has worked with New Zealand and Australia's most senior leaders to develop strategy and roll out change.

Alicia's accessible, down-to-earth approach demystifies strategy, removing all the buzzwords and jargon to connect with leaders and advisors at all levels. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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