Strategic Planning: Fundamentals

Nail the basics of strategic planning - and find out where most people go wrong.
  • For: Everyone
  • Level: All
  • Study time: 1 hour
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Course overview
Strategy is an over-used buzzword. What does it really mean? How is a strategic plan different to a business plan? What's the difference between a vision, a mission and an objective? Find out in this essential course that covers all the basics.
  • Strategy 101
  • Questions a strategic plan should answer
  • Common mistakes - and what to do instead.
  • Video time: 1 hour
  • Exams: 1
I've never heard a speaker that cuts through the complexity of strategy quite like Alicia McKay."
Keynote Speaker, Culture Change Specialist, Founding Faculty Member at The PM Circle

Alicia McKay

New Zealand's leading facilitator and author of 'From Strategy to Action' and 'You Don't Need An MBA', Alicia McKay has worked with New Zealand and Australia's most senior leaders to develop strategy and roll out change.

Alicia's accessible, down-to-earth approach demystifies strategy, removing all the buzzwords and jargon to connect with leaders and advisors at all levels. 
Alicia McKay
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